Peculiar Pics

Crooked Trees is a place about an hour NW of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They grow up out of the ground and twist their entire lives.

The first orb picture was a happy accident but when we noticed it we took more but there was nothing until was asked out loud for the orbs to come and pose for a picture. Not one but two appeared.

Someone told about cloud ships so I have been watching the sky ever since. Once day driving west of Saskatoon my lil pixie and I saw these five in a row … kinda looks like flying saucers to me.

Have read information about chem trails and am not sure what to think but here are a few photos of military aircrafts taking a sweep over Saskatoon early in the morning when there was no air show going on.

Wondrous Wooden Wings in the grains of door. Kind of makes me wonder what was petrified before turning into a tree only to become a door … also wonder how many times it has flied shut.

The Bushwacked Fire Faery. Once night sitting around the fire it seemed like a good time to take some fire photos. It wasn’t until later that I discovered the Fire Faery sitting in the flames … isn’t she beautiful  🙂

During Bushwacked 2012 I met a young fellow named Avery. He seemed so familiar but we could not recall ever meeting. About a week after being on the road I saw this poster which is an artists sketch … interestingly enough Avery and I are hanging out in the front row together.



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