Cloud Ships?

22nd October 2012 | 0 Comments

My daughter and I were driving along the Hwy #16 when we saw what appeared to be a bunch of flying saucers although the first time we spotted them were not able to capture the images on camera. It was not long down the road we saw another group of “flying saucers” and tried again … this is what we captured. Not sure what to make of this …. got any ideas of your own?


Percussion Painting Poetry Puddle Party Pod

30th April 2012 | 0 Comments

Yes I know it is quite the mouthful but that is exactly what it is. A miniature tipi filled with plethora of party props such as ….. percussion toys, face & body paints, art coat & markers, my storycolor book & crayons, poetry writings, pillows & blankets and a variety of games.  It is really a place for people to play, have fun and get in touch with that child they are usually hiding.

So Please! Come and have fun with The Purple Pixie and please paint away on the outside canvas of the pod!!!

Perspiration Pod

29th April 2012 | 0 Comments

With a quick flip of a wool blanket, some rocks, water and well marked path the party pod becomes a PERSPIRATION POD! FYI … the first layer of blankets are wool & the tarps covering the entire structure are made cotton canvas.

The preferred perspiration party proceeds at sunrise! There are four rounds of hot rocks brought into the pod and during that time there will be auric cleansing, sweating, singing, meditating and a lesson about the life force of water. All those participating in a perspiration pod party are asked to please feel free to share any songs, meditations or lessons they carry.

This Purple Pixie’s Profession is Pampering Peoples Parts and I have over ten years experience in the Spa industry. It all started with Canwest Agencies learning Gel Nails & Body Waxing. From there it was Marca College to study Spa Therapies, Relaxation Massage & Pedicures. Over the years I have taken numerous workshops and introductory courses in Quantum Therapy, Reflexology, Raindrop Therapy, Thai Yogo Massage and enjoy teaching people how to use dowsing rods.

Crystal’s Call

10th November 2010 | 0 Comments

Crystal is the name that was given to my car at the beginning of this summer tour. Why? Because she is a ball of white light energy rolling down the road … bringing smiles to the faces of those she crosses along her path. She is a special energy of her own that is still fighting to survive and stay alive but she needs your help. Whatever love and positive energy you can send her way would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like there is something wrong with the transmission and the gears are not switching as they should. We are currently getting an average of 80km/hr on the road but still plugging onward. We made it to Saskatoon today and are going to empty the contents of the car before heading north to La Ronge. If you see a purple pixie hitch hiking between Saskatoon and La Ronge …. thats me!!! hehehe