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    Natasha Merasty ~ 8 years old

    31st August 2013 | 2 Comments

    PURPLE PIXIE’S PRESENT by Clayton Sanders

    9th July 2013 | 0 Comments

    We went to Astral harvest, made a special friend,
    The Purpel Pixie, we love her till time will end,
    In this journey, so many things can take a toll,

    She takes the downtrodden, makes them feel whole,

    Not many on this journey, have such a caring heart,
    Or share their spirit, with the world we’re a part,
    She shares love in purple, with everone she sees,
    From sandess or despair, their spirit she frees,

    Her laughter is infectious, she sings like a bird,
    Sweet melodies of joy, unlike any I have ever heard,
    Our paths crossed only briefly, then we had to say,
    Farewell for now my friend, until comes another day,

    Since we met there not been, a day without thought,
    Of this amazing soul, this new friend we both got,
    Whose love shining, bring forth everyones best,
    Shes the morning sunrise, the sunset in the west,

    I hope to see her sooner, not wait another year,
    It’s hard to be apart, from friends you love dear,
    Until at last we meet again, one thing that I know,
    Pixie is busy, helping the light of love to grow.

    She got out of the rat race, gave everything away,
    To spread purple pixie dust, to all along the way,
    Showing love is easy, if you listen to your heart,
    Sending out the love, to good friends miles apart,

    My inspirations come, to me in many beautiful ways,
    Just as the love Pixie sprads, brightens many days,
    By simply letting her light shine, in love sharing,
    Part of this world, for other souls always caring,

    I write this one for you, in love for you sending,
    A part of me to travel, on this journey unending,
    When my time comes to ascend, on the other side,
    I know a Purpel Pixie is waiting, arms open wide.

    HARMONY by Clayton Sanders

    12th September 2012 | 0 Comments

    Harmonious notes in a global song,
    Together we are all, singing along,
    All with their gift, unique to each,
    With something to share or teach,

    Together we live, laugh, and learn,
    Helping the worlds light to return,
    Each of us a pixel, in global mural,
    Making the flag of peace unfurl,

    By what we do, not what we say,
    To keep the dark, forever at bay,
    We join together, in loving light,
    Each of us a star, burning bright,

    Our mantra, to live in harmony,
    As love unites all of humanity,
    A tapestry, of a single thread,
    Where I love you, is ever said,

    Let’s have a world, free of fear,
    By being love, though the year,
    Giving joy, to all those without,
    Anything in life to care about,

    Together let’s a difference make,
    Not cause another heat to break,
    Instead help a fallen spirit to lift,
    With kindness given as our gift,

    To this world, that’s all around us,
    Often seeming out to pound us,
    So we will give in, our light go out,
    Forsaking what, we care about,

    Here in these lines, I freely share,
    My love i send out everywhere,
    As we all travel, together today,
    I bow to you all saying, Namaste.

    Copyright (C) Clayton L Sanders

    Change! ~ by Prince “P”

    15th March 2012 | 0 Comments
    Change is born in the flesh
    Twisted and contorted mesh
    Intertwined beneath, above, inside

    How is it, the grass under my feet
    has turned into a street
    And the beautiful land,
    is now a 711 cup in my hand
    I know this may sound a bit bold,
    but I am billions of years old

    There is a mouse in my house,
    and I am a monkey with a spouse
    And all of my friends are dreaming
    with pharmaceuticals in cubicles
    I am far away from home,
    but at least I still have my tail bone

    It’s interesting how a wall and a door
    can turn into 87 floors
    I hope you like my new haircut because
    it matches perfectly with my waxed butt
    I’m going to make money with all of my might
    and tell you why the cave had no light

    So I’m told I’m in the land of the holy,
    and change happens slowly
    I’m also supposed to go to school if I want to be smart
    and apologize when I fart
    My neighbor says things are progressing, and he’s about to download
    some ladies undressing after he’s finished watching wrestling

    I want an ice cold beer with some intoxicated cheer
    on a boat by the weir
    My house is too noisy in the city
    and no one will give me any pity
    If only I could get rid of my head ache
    and learn to bake while staying awake

    I’m told the things I enjoy resemble sin, and I can only dance
    if I am a member who’s allowed in
    I will be arrested if I am too loud, while surrounded by electronic sounds
    and neon green clouds
    Get me out of this place, the mirror with the strange face,
    and this uncomfortable silk lace!

    FREEDOM by Vi Vee

    24th February 2012 | 0 Comments

    Liberation, the cost is not high.
    All you need to give away
    Is yourself.
    Are you looking for Freedom?
    Or do you simply want
    To appear free, to impress?

    Gain the body, lose the soul
    Lose the body, gain the soul
    This is how the world turns
    From dark to light on repeat.

    And here are the hippies.
    Appearing free, to impress…
    And then there are the capitalists
    And they, they want to be rich.

    And then there are the monks, and
    Who knows what the monks want
    But some of them are there
    For free shelter, same as
    The nightly drunk-tank visitors.

    And then there is the slithering pile,
    That calls itself the governments
    Of Earth. And really,
    Need there be more said?

    All of these divisions and more
    Claim they want the best for humankind
    And so, ignorantly entrap in duality.
    And it’s not just them, it’s us
    Playing with the powers of the mind

    Blindly, recklessly, foolishly.
    Gain the body, lose the soul
    So be careful what you wish for
    When you wish for freedom.
    Because it might just happen that

    You will lose that spark,
    In favour of pleasurable illusion or,
    That you be relieved of your
    Precious self just as you


    Do you have any other identities?

    5th April 2011 | 0 Comments

    I AM The Purple Pixie!  Many people call me many other things but I AM The Purple Pixie!

    What is your greatest fear?

    5th April 2011 | 0 Comments

    Losing my wings!! but then it happened.  Now loud grumbly noises scare me cause they remind me of the garbage ogres.

    How Purple Are You??

    26th February 2011 | 0 Comments

    Well lets see … my hair is purple, my eyes are purple, my clothes are purple, I sleep in purple, my home is decorated with purple, a lot of my friends are purple.  Am I purpley enough for you?

    What is your favorite drink?

    24th February 2011 | 0 Comments

    Water of course?  Glacier fed spring water to be specific …  NOT the kind that comes from the tap and smells like a swimming pool.

    R U Looking forward to spring in the Boreal Forest?

    24th February 2011 | 0 Comments

    Ahhh spring in the forest … it is a lovely time of year.  However, until my wings return spring will be spent somewhere here in the people realm.  Perhaps a forest of a different nature.