Premier Planetary Perusal ~ Pixie Kisses the TOE!

31st July 2011 | 0 Comments
That’s right folks!  This lil pixie is on her way to Dawson City, Yukon to kiss the world famous frozen toe.  Ed the guitar playing, harmonica blowing singer has joined in on the travelling fun for a while and Isaac is coming along for the ride as far as Kamloops, BC.

First stop was a beautiful farm near Salmon Arm, BC.  This is where I learned how to spin hoola hoop for the first time ever.  Thank you Sarah for teaching me a new way to play.  After resting, eating and collecting it was on to the Shushwap to meet Maggie the Faerie Guardian.  She lives on top of a mountain in a cute little house decorated with all kinds of shiny tinkly things.  Her property hosts 4 portals, a faerie meadow and a view that is absolutely breathtaking.  Thanks for all the garden goodies … Amy the Ambulance loves the aroma of garlic!

Time was spent in Prince George, BC visiting family, refueling and getting supplies for the next leg of the journey.  Thank you so much for everything Karen. Next stop Terrace, BC to visit Grandma Tess … the being of purple light that made such an impression  so long ago.

Grandma Tess is AMAZING!!! She was the first woman to ever travel to the far north all the way to Tuktoyuktuk all by herself before guiding 200 more grannies in a big caravan the very next year. She was obviously a big influence in this little pixie’s life. THANK YOU TESS not only for the color purple but all the new Purple Pieces in Pixie’s wardrobe!!

After visiting Tess it was on to Prince Rupert! Straight to the ocean is where Amy wanted to go.

When we arrived there was a traditional ceremony of some sort going on with drummers and dancers. It turned out to be a gathering to honor the spirit of all the hitch-hikers that have gone missing along the highway in this area. The Green Tea Club Faith Keepers from the Haida Gwaii along with the North Coast Ceremonial Dancers are making their healing journey East along the “Highway of Tears” #16. They are guiding healing ceremonies for communities that have lost loved ones to this tragedy.  For more information you can find the North Coast Ceremonial Dancers on Facebook.

The next day brought a group of canoes to the shoreline.  It turned out to be a group of youth from a variety of villages along the coast and representatives from different government departments such as DFO & RCMP.  This is a great community building adventure not  mention a way of teaching the youth about their ancestors by getting back to the land and travelling in the same manor.  Good luck to them.

Ed has made the decision not go any further.  Turns out he met a certain someone and the heartstrings are calling.  It makes no sense to ignore them … go ED!!!  I found what looked to be a short cut to the #37 … however! what looks like a short cut on the map NEVER is … that little road took ALL DAY! Pavement was very welcomed after that.

It is always interesting stopping in at those road side gas stations in the north. They tend to have to most outrageous foods, artwork and stories. While filling with gas at the Bell II, someone asked “Are you the Purple Pixie?”.  I have to admit it really threw me for a loop being recognized so far away from everything.  The girl offered to host a posing party later that night but time seemed to be of the essence so I kept on going. The next morning I awoke to a flat tire so whatever time that was made the night before was taken back by the fates.  A big thank you goes out to Robbie the gentleman who stopped to help a poor pixie in distress.  It was not a very nice day out and the flat did not help but it was nice to see such kindness and warm smile! And thank you for bringing Oliver the hitch-hiker from Belgium he was great company for a short while!

Whitehorse was were this Pixie was reunited with a friend from the Boreal forest.  It had been over 20 years people time since we saw each other.  The first day was spent reminiscing and giggling about the past and the next day we went camping and fishing.  WOW!  I have never seen Salmon that big before! OR Cinnamon Buns!!  These tasty morsels were found at Braebern Lodge in the Yukon.

After one night in the bush Pixie’s friend decided to join her in Dawson City .. YAY! The first thing we did was take a nice long walk to see the entire town and get our bearings.  Then we found a nice little place to get a meal before seeking out the TOE.  There was quite a long line up but I watched as each person took their turn until it was mine.  At first it just looked like a giant fig but then the captain rolled it over and Pixie saw the nail and was convinced otherwise.  In the drink it went and down the hatch went the drink … then mmwwahhh … PIXIE KISSED THE TOE!!!

The next day however I was challenged to the SOUREST toe. Well this little pixie doesn’t scare too easily and is proud to say she took part in the SOUREST toe!

Diamond Tooth Gertie’s was a fun time.  The showgirls doing their thing while people buzzing around playing cards and having fun.  I tried roulette.  The only sane bet was green double zero … the little white ball landed right next to it in the space to the left then again on the right but never in the proper place.  Papa Pixie always said close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

The scenery, the wildlife and the people are what truly make Dawson City the magical place that it is. It is a place where people create their own fun and have no issues showing their true colors. Many purple people reside in Dawson!  Here are just a few of my favorites …

ALASKA was amazing!!!! When we finally arrived … it took a little longer than expected since we had to turn around half way there to go back for my passport! Thank you Lana!

Skagway turned out to be a picturesque community along the waterfront.  The cruise ships coming into port, a multitude of shops along the streets and a plethora of restaurants serving oceanfood. This lil pixie was treated to a plate of Red King Crab … MMmmm.  Question … why do they call it sea food if it comes from the ocean?

Oh yea … and who is Sarah Palin?  her face is everywhere there!!!

The scenery here is also amazing! I saw waterfalls, a desert and a field of stone sculptures just to name a few things. Here are some high lites from the the album.

Alas Alaska is over … On to see the Purple School!!!

Purple Pixie’s Turns 3

10th July 2011 | 2 Comments

PPs BDAY is July 16th at Saturday night light when the last star disappears.  Bring your instrument, some food, a good attitude and lets have some FUN!!!

This place is in the bush, there are NO facilities other than 1 outhouse so if you are planning on coming … BE PREPARED you need your own tent, bedroll and food.

Purple Pixie also has a Proposition for all People who wish to Partake in her Planetary Perusal … all I ask is that you meet me HALFWAY near Nakusp, BC.

In other words if you would like to travel the world, have your own show, way of making money and are SERIOUS then come see me at halfway hotsprings near Nakusp.

hope to see you there

ps .. I will be heading out there by the 11th to set up camp if you want to stop by any sooner.


International Indigenous Leadership Gathering

6th June 2011 | 0 Comments

Wow!!!! what an amazing event!!! Everything from Tibetan monks to Bella Coolan elders. Many lesson were learned this past week … not just by our tribe but many. The RCCHACK tribe came together for the first time, bonded and are ready to go out into the world to spread the teachings.

Our next stop is Entheos Gathering near Boston Bar BC. If you are planning on going please introduce yourself.

On The Road Again!!!

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Look out People cause here comes … The Purple Pixie!

In her brand new … percussion painting poetry puddle party parlor for the people … Amy the Ambulance!

Pannait & Amy plan on perusing the planet with the rest of the hackers from … “R.C.C.H.A.C.K.”

Happy Whatever you call it!!

18th December 2010 | 0 Comments

Wowzers!!! Isn’t this the time of year that people simply gather to share what they have with each other. Food, music, laughter, stories does it really matter what we call it? This is supposed to be the time of love and sharing.

People sure seem to get upset if you call this time something different than what they do. A lot of people call it Christmas but I have also heard Hanuka, Holidays, Quonza and there are probably a lot of other names.

Pixies celebrate at this time of year too although we do not call it Christmas. We don’t call it anything … we just all get together to enjoy each other’s company, eat really yummy food, play music tell stories and simply have a lot of fun with each other.

Anyway … Guess what I am trying to find out is why people are so mad at each other for simply giving the time of year a different name. Can’t we just all party together??

Goodbye My SisterFriend

10th November 2010 | 0 Comments

Purple Pixie’s Pal’s Paradise is the “Soothing Spot of Sulphide” … the traditional night cap is a Powerful Pink Potion that is carefully Poured over Pieces of Ice.   Pixie is Proud to have Poured her Pals’ final Peck of Powerful Pink Potion …

I love you my sister friend

Pixie Goes on the Road

10th November 2010 | 0 Comments

If it was not for the kindness of strangers I never would have gotten this far.  My first portable parlour was a cute white car by the name of “Crystal” and we travelled across western Canada together.  Not once but twice!  To get all the details look for book 4 in the series “Plight of the Purple Pixie” … coming soon!!

Before going on this journey, I was paid a visit by Faerie godmother.  Turned out that she had a place on the prairies in the people world and when she heard I was here, brought all kinds of goodies for my travels.  The package included extra mukluks, fur clothes and a pack of prediction cards!!!   You see, Pixie has the gift of perusing the past & present while predicting the possibilities and people seem to like consulting the cards.  Turned out FG had been doing a lot of travelling of her own and taught me a few things before I went out on the road.

First stop … Astral Harvest Alberta!  It was a beautiful gathering of people in the woods who were dancing, laughing, playing all kinds of music and simply having a lot of fun.  There was a lot of unknowing pixies there but a few of them knew who they were.  That is where I met the “Queen of the Green” faeries.  After spending a bit of time in Alberta it was back to Ness Creek which is where I was discovered in the people world.

To be quite honest I was really hoping that my directions home would return but alas they did not and neither did my wings.  It was nice to be back in the boreal forest for a while and the Ness Creek people are a LOT like the pixies where I come from but Crystal wanted to keep on going so we did.

On our way to BC we stopped in a small town called Radisson to take part in their car show.  My crystal was not as fancy as some of the other cars but she was a lot prettier.  You see, Pixie Prefers to Paint the People but Permits the People to Paint her Portable Parlour!  When the show was over she was very colourful and happy.  She got a lot of attention on our travels with so much make up on.  It was like a personal pixie parade wherever we went.

The moment we arrived at Shambhala people wanted to start painting.  It was a very welcoming place.  The Pirates even made me an honorary member of their tribe!   One day while out playing I met a Faerie from the “Sacred Space of Shams” and something occurred to me.  Wherever there are gatherings of people who share music, food, laughter, dancing and FUN there seems to be a pixie place nearby.  It is the noise and frivolity of the people that attract the pixies out of hiding.  That is how some of them get caught in this realm.  The longer we are here the harder it is to remember … We Are Pixies!  Only a rare few have been able to remember after so long.

After Shambhala this Purple Pixie was getting invitations all over the place.  There was a quaint little garden party at Recordo’s house in the valley, a house concert at White Crow Farm, one night at a gorgeous secluded hot spring and then we were asked to the Winlaw Music Festival.  Telling stories, spreading the purple love, painting people and getting to know them is what we do best!

Our last night in British Columbia was spent at the top of a mountain near the base of “Bugaboo Glacier” at a wonderful gathering of people who respect mother earth and hold the water in high regard!  Mick & Storm are two beautiful BC people who have been trying to protect the mountain for over 7 years now.  The government wants to dam up 15 creeks to divert the water into a tunnel for  hydro station.  If all the water is gone what is going to happen to the fish, trees and animals?  What kind of dessert will we have? Please help keep the mountain alive.  For more information or to get involved please visit the following website

After two months of travelling it was time to take a break and visit Faerie Godmother but it was not very long before crystal and I received invitations to solstice gatherings in both Alberta and BC.  Another message came asking The Purple Pixie to take part in a new WebTV show “The Very Secret Plan”.  Back out on the road we went.

Arca Tribe from Edmonton was hosting the first gathering.  It was a beautiful solstice celebration that honoured Mother Earth and the elements ~ Earth, Water, Air and Fire.  They called this gathering Symatree and it was wonderful to see people off all ages playing together in so many different ways such as painting, playing music, making a labyrinth or just hanging out by the fire telling stories.  The steam pod would have been a special treat but this little pixie got caught up visiting and missed her opportunity.

The second gathering was hosted by a group from Nelson.  It was called Awaken which was a very fitting title considering it was the very first year for this festival.  The energy was running high and things got a little tense at times.  You will have to read the book to see the drama between Pixie and Faeries.  Overall it was a very successful event and fun was had by ALL.  Besides … the Pixies & Pirates stole the show!!!

Mother Nature however, was not in the mood to cooperate with the film crew for the taping of “The Very Secret Plan”.  All the days we tried to film were socked in with rain clouds and wind.  That is about the time my pixie pal from the Northern Boreal Forest took sick and going to see her was a must.

How the Toothbrush came to be!

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The toothbrush was actually gifted to Pixie by a Medicine Mama who said that it was the property of a very special dragon.  In fact there are two dragons that might want this toothbrush. As the story goes, they lived together in a secret cave somewhere until they just could not be together anymore.  Somehow the toothbrush got lost in the shuffle. Pixie has been searching all over western canada with no luck until she met Teri, a girl who is about to start travelling to other countries. She has offered to take the toothbrush on tour with her for as long as she can before passing it off to the next person.

Sure can’t wait to hear what happens with Teri & THE TOOTHBRUSH!

Pixie Moves to the Country

24th February 2010 | 0 Comments

It was in the country that I found people who lived a little more like pixies.  They called themselves farmers and worked the land, grew food or took care of the animals.  However after further study I realized that they were very different from pixies.

First of all they were only taking care of the animals to kill them!  Now you have to understand, Pixies use animal parts too BUT! we do not kill them.  We take care of the animals and when they are ready to leave this world then we get to have whatever they leave behind!  That is where we get our furs, leathers, oils, sinew and a whole lot of other things.  Killing is just  un~NESSessary.

Sure they worked the land but then would spray it AND the food with all kinds of stinky chemicals.  Some chemicals were used to kill bugs, some to make the food grow faster or they would plant seeds that had been altered by people in a lab!  Just so no to GMO.  There is GMO this and GMO that. Now I do not know what kind of GMO animals you people are producing but nowhere and I do mean NOWHERE in the pixie world have I ever seen a rabbit lay an egg ….. and I have never seen a reindeer fly either.

There were a FEW farmers who refused to use anything unnatural and they were called organic.  That too is pretty confusing because the only way a person can be sure they are getting organic is to look for proper labelling & packaging that says “Certified”.  Apparently not all the people are honest and some say organic when they really aren’t.  Pixies grow and eat their own food so we know exactly what is going into our bodies.  Once in a while we make trades with other pixie nations only because we do not all grow the same kind of foods and sometimes it is fun to try something new.

After some time living on the farm and learning all that I could it was time to do something else.  Pixie goes on the road!

Pixie Moves to the City

24th August 2009 | 0 Comments

Living in the city was great while it lasted!  I got to learn all kinds of things about people.  Some are very interesting while others make no sense at all.  Just check out the Philippics page and you will see what I mean.

The Gropper House was a fun place to be.  I was given my very own room and can you guess what colour it was?  I put a sign on the door that said “The Purple Parlour”.  A few people lived in the house but many more would visit when there were functions like house concerts, yoga classes and friendship feasts just to name a few.

Some interesting points to Ponder are the differences between Pixies and People.  For example one person I lived with went to a thing called University.  They said it was where young people gathered to learn from older wiser ones.  It reminded me of the Magical Land of Ness, where the pixies learn from each other when they gather in sharing spaces.  The only difference there seems to be is that ALL pixies are welcome.  In the people world only the ones who have enough money are aloud at the university.  That doesn’t sound very fair to me!  The second book in the series “The Plight of the Purple Pixie” has a whole lot more points to ponder.

Another thing I found most interesting were the amount of other pixies caught up in this realm!  I have seen Sprites, Faeries, Elves, Gnomes and dare I say it … a Minotaur.  Most of them have forgotten who they are or where they come from.  I have even seen 3rd or 4th generation mixed bloods.  Some of them chose to come here while others like me are caught.  The most interesting thing a Sprite recently said was “a melting soul standing in front of the ice cream”.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what that means.

I have no idea how he got there but one day the great Capt. Bryan showed up at the Gropper House.  Ya gotta love those pirates mate!!  Shortly after the captain moved in we got a visit from the Pink Pixie!  News travels fast in the pixie realm and suddenly we got a lot of visitors.  Gem the Rainbow Faerie, mother of all faeries even stayed for a whole week!!!  Anyway, it was the captain that lit a fire under this little pixie to get out and see more of the world.

As I said before news travels fast in the pixie realm.  Shortly after I made the decision to leave I got a message from another Purple Pixie in need of a place to stay.  It only made sense that she take over the parlour.

Pixie moves to the country!!!