Lazy pixie?

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Maybe just a little, life in the city can get pretty hectic, my apologies for the lack of posts over the last while. I will try to update more and develop a better Archive of what’s been going on.

2015 ….. So it begins!

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update! … so I have this new computer and am not that tech savvy anymore ….  still haven’t figured out how to make video and pics smaller so i can upload to this website so those will be coming soon but for noe you can see things on facebook

January … The Queen Charlotte’s ball at Old Fort York was a grand time! As per tradition, they served an authentic 1812 gourmet meal complete with homemade sausages, curry chicken from the orient, wild rice, lobster cakes and the list goes on. The dessert was more like art than food but that poor little hedgehog sure tasted good. AND THEY SERVED CREAM CAKES! Ever since seeing the move “A Knights Tale” I wondered what they were and what they tasted like. The mystery is finally put to rest MMmmmm. (pic coming soon)

When dinner was over, the minstrels took to their posts and the dancing began. English country is very much like the soul train only its to a violin, guitar, piano and has more of a polka beat. I always wondered how couples connected on the dance floor in those times since everything seemed so public and open. Then I had the honor of dancing the waltz with an accomplished female partner ……. Now I have never in my life considered batting for the other team but ….. if she kept looking at me like that! ….. I may have fallen under her spell!! During one of the breaks the York Regency Dancers graced us with a performance of the Bumpkin. It is a dance where once person wheres a bright red hat and traditionally the hat is passed around during the dance from person to person and whoever is wearing the hat at the end is the bumpkin.

When the night was over it was time to return to the present. We put on our street clothes and made the 1 hour F150 carriage ride back to the suburban jungle and called it a night. Future trips to the past will commence when the snow is gone. For now there is …..


February ….. The completion of Purple Pixie’s Party Plethorium! So far the spa and parlor are complete and operational but now its time to add the workshop space. (pics coming soon) By the end of February there will be a space complete with a plethora of craft supplies with many weekend workshops to come. Please stay tuned for the update and hopefully more pics very soon.

Comicon 2014!

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What a great time was had by so many folks. There were costumes, games, art, music, joisting and so much more! Rick from walking dead showed me how to use his handgun friday night. Saturday morning ‘V’s mind was blown when I asked him to pose for Project Phantasmagorium while Princess Peach had a few poses of her own going on in the back of the hall.

The kid from Goonies was there flogging his new movies but it was too expensive for this lil pixie to meet someone like that. However I got to meet Ajay Fry from Inner Space and he was kind enough to pose in the Plates it wasn’t until watching the show on monday that I found out his autograph was free. The biggest celebrity I got to meet however had to be Kermit the Frog …. I totally love kermit we are very similar …. its not easy being purple either!

Just to keep you up to date …. my computer crashed the day after comicon and was just returned yesterday ….. pics from comicon are coming soon


Edmonton Weekend of Giving Thanks

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Friday  morning started off in Calgary rather chaotically. I kept bumping into things, forgetting things or running late to catch the bus. Only to find out it was full and had to wait for the next one. There was an imbalance somewhere in the universe. Should I be travelling? … that was the plan no sense changing it now.

Aether, an honorable good friend, was already at the station when I arrived. Thank you. We shared a  wonderful Asian meal together and even got to meet one of his local friends. Then the phone rang and he got the first piece of news about a friend who was lost in another country. We headed straight back to his place to try and figure things out when the second call came in about another friend who had been taken from this world. Two in the same hour? Needless to say it was a long night with little rest.

Saturday was a full day including breakfast omelettes, shopping, and preparing for the gathering. We stopped along the way to visit and pick up Just Jo & Jessica. They have a wonderful home with massage salon and art studio. It is so nice to see people working for themselves. On our way to Miss Olyvia’s where the tribe was gathering just outside the city. Memories of Loved Ones, Laughter, Nourishment, Music, Sadness and Joy were all part and parcel of this party. With extra riders Aether was driving all over the place. Thank you.

Sunday came the third call. I have always heard that things come in threes. Do you think this is true? If this is so then … imagine all the people you know of that are having a hard time with one thing. Now multiply it by 3! Is there any thing you can you possibly do to help alleviate even ANY of their stress? he visit to the relatives couldn’t have come at a better time. Old photos, card games and yummy leftovers before heading to the hockey rink where I got to see my nephew score two goals!  That night Aether and I attended an evening of Kirtan, which is a devotional Sanscrit singing. It was absolutely lovely. With birthday cake to follow. Thank you.

Monday was mostly a quiet day of reflection and rest. I prepared Aether a nice home cooked meal before we went a our friend’s Sage for a visit. It was phun swapping stories with an urban shaman! Playing Spyrograph AND having fire trucks come to the apartment! After all the excitement it was back to the relatives! Thank you.

Tuesday on to Lloydminster to visit one Miss Halle and her mom Sarah!

Equinox 2012

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This next leg of the adventure started with the purchase of a bus pass that will take me anywhere the Greyhound goes. First stop was Calgary! I got to visit with friends Zog and Angel for a couple days before heading to my cousin’s to visit with her family. She has 3 children under the age of 3 and two rather large dogs. She also had a couple friends coming to visit with their lil one for 2 nights. It was quite the house full. We stepped out one night to surprise my aunt & uncle. That evening they had company over and it just so happens that one of them had a CAMPER VAN that they wanted to get out of their yard. It is in good working condition and they just wanted it gone, so they GAVE it to ME. THANK YOU COLIN & JANE!

After a few days of hanging out with a set of 18 month old twins and a 3 year old it was time to visit Angel & Zog. A few days of rest and relaxation is just what this Pixie needed. Thank you for all the hospitality you two *hugs* & *luvs* It was then on to visit with Kris the Red & his Clan. First stop was at Logan’s school to pick him up. I got to meet his teacher, see his classroom and play with his friends. The next day we made a visit to Callaway Park. Three rides in and whatever went down came up!!! The evening was spent at a Fozzy Fest volunteer BBQ thank you for all the yummy goodness! Then we danced the night away at a 709 Productions Party. It was awesome seeing so many familiar faces from this summer’s festivals. The rest of the night … We played Wii until the Wee hours … gosh this language can be confusing.

Sunday morning the Big Brother Canada auditions were downtown. It only seemed logical to attend something where I could collect 300 photos of People Posing in the Plates of Phantasmagorium. While I was there it only seemed logical to fill out an application. Must have been a bit of a scare since half the people in my group wanted to vote me OFF first! Guess this lil Pixie wasn’t a big enough energy for them. I did not get a call back … oh well ce la vie.

Thank you cousin Shannon for trying to cheer me up with Sushi. The song from the kitchen staff definitely put a smile on my face! Thank you! All in all Calgary was an awesome good time with family and friends … Thanks to everyone for everything. I feel so blessed.

Mind Blowing Moments of 2012

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Hi folks!  ok I can go on and on about the festivals I have been to and what they were like but … I feel it is more important to share my personal experiences ….. the ones that blew my  mind! For example …

At shambhala there was a fellow sitting by the flaming dragon taking a trip somewhere in his own world. Standing back in the darkness I decided to watch this young man. It was not long before he felt my gaze and stepped out of his world and back into this one … his eyes locked on mine through the darkness AND through my kaleidoscope lenses. To acknowledge the connection I nodded. To this he smiled, thanked me and started eating his food that was placed nearby before closing his eyes and returning to his world. I continued to watch and this happened again about 3 more times. Every time he came out of his world and into this one he would look for me and literally lock eyes every time. He was sitting on the other side of the flame in the light and I was on the outside ring of people in the dark. The physics of this doesn’t make sense …. however with quantum physics this is child’s play.

At Mad Hatter while I was walking down a path a man came up to me and asked “Where’s the Front Desk?”. I passed it off thinking he might have had too much to drink. Later I saw the same man sitting with his eyes closed listening to music. Since I like to watch from a distance the back area far behind the sound booth in the dark was the perfect place to watch from. It was not long before this fellow got up and walked right up to me in the dark and said “Where’s the front desk?!”. That is when I realized that this person had chosen me to communicate with and I had to figure out what it was he needed. It wasn’t hard … he was simply looking for the way out cause he was tired and wanted to go home. Turned out he was a neighbor from 7 miles down the road who wanted to have a look at what was going on. Instead of leaving he decided to get some rest in the petite teepee so that he could stay and have some more PHUN.  Twice along the way, young men walked up to him and asked questions pertaining to tribal knowledge … this random stranger started passing on wisdom and doing prayers and continued to do the same thing after he woke up rested. Not sure what to make of it all but it all worked out.

there are more mind blowing moments I can share and they will come … in time!  🙂

Summer Tour 2012

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What a whirlwind of a summer so far and its only mid July!

First Festival of the season was Bushwacked in Beaverdell, BC. All I can say is lip balm … don’t forget it! On a hillside over looking a river and meadow where music can be heard day and night from stages that look like waterfalls … beaverdams … and villages for lil cute furries!

Kootenany near Creston, BC was a wonderful reunion of people set to an awesome soundtrack! This is where I was introduced to Deli to Dublin and Long Walk Short Dock for the first time ever. I will definitely be returning to Kootenany! The indoor fireworks were the most memorable!

Some time was spent at the Earth Farm near Grindrod, BC. A wonderful place to reconnect with nature and take care of ones self.

Entheos near Boston Bar, BC was next on the list. Small world moment … Robyn and Adernady from the gathering in Tulan, Mexico were the first familiar faces I saw. Certain events caused the festival to end 1 day early and most folks had to leave. Bonding time and togetherness were experienced by those that remained. It was in interesting display of humanity and how people can come together in times of fear and confusion.

Loki in Kaslo, BC was a mud show! It rained … and rained … and then it rained some more! Trudging in knee deep mud was an interesting experience. Long Walk Short Dock played which made it all worth while! Getting pulled out of the field by the front end loader was a fun ride too!

Astral Harvest near Driftpile, AB was the last one before a two week break. After two months of solid rain in BC it was nice to be in a province having a heat wave. The wedding of Angel and Zog was absolutely EPIC … the fur tuxedo, the 8 chained teiki barring warriors, fireworks, gorgeous goddesses and LOVE.  Thank you for a wedding moment I will NEVER forget! OH yea and Deli to Dublin and the walk dock guy were there!!

This is where the first part of the tour comes to an end. After leaving Astral Harvest Amy the Ambulance and I were in an accident … other than a few bumps and bruises I am fine however Amy is not … she was my home, my transportation and is sorely missed.

This lil pixie is currently staying at her medicine mama’s house getting better. When I am feeling 100% I will inform ya’ll of the next step!

Mexico Tour ~ Baja Peninsula 1 month Mainland 2!

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Gabriel picked us up at the airport in San Jose and took us to the Baja Brewery for dinner. Walking into the place we heard “Purple Pixie is that you?”. There was a local man standing just outside that I met during the summer tour through western Canada … never thought I would hear those words in Mexico! By the time dinner was over it was too late to drive to El Pescadero so we stayed in Cabo San Lucas with Gabriel. The next day he took us to Pescadero, showed us around and got us settled in. Before leaving he took us to the next town over which housed the “Hotel California”. Thanks for everything Gabriel!!!

Once we settled into Pescy, it was time to look around. The Sandbar was not too far away and seemed like a good place to start … Thank you Helen for breaking us into Mexico!! We found our favorite Baja Bar with the best fries, good peeps and awesome good times!! We have made some great new friends, been doing some jamming, and Mr P Stain and the Purple Pixie even made an appearance on the local stage!!

From there it was on to Cabo Extreme to have some fun with the surf boys! Psychedelic artwork decorated the walls, extreme fishing photos, surf boards, grass huts and a personal collection of nature to blow one Blind Mans Mind!! Mucho Gracias Senior Jimmy for giving us the Tiki Room … watching the whales jumping and playing in the morning sun is a dream come true! The surfing display was a bonus!

After a quick nap it was on to S’Picolli’s Beach Tour! There is no tourist in the world who could pay for the tour this man gave us FREE of charge. The day started off with the swim up bar, pina coladas, great food AND The Big Lebowski! (Ya make your own rules in Mexico!) Pedrito Beach is where it all started … Preston Projected his blind Pole as far as Possible and amazingly enough, found it again. Palm Beach was where we watched the sunset, crawled into a bat cave and realized Preston’s Pole was mising.

The evening was spent retracing our steps but it was nowhere to be found. Instead when we arrived back at Pedrito Beach, there laying on the ground in the moonlight was a P’Alo Diarco Snake stick. With a few modifications it will make a fine cane for the PMan.

A S’Picolli Surprise showed up our last night in Pescy a night time tour through the dessert WOW! We got to see the biggest fig tree ever, meet Einstein the donkey and see inside the biggest tree house ever that has its own banana tree growing in it. Thank you so much S’Picolli, you are a true friend!

On to the mainland to meet up with David! A short bus back to San Jose flight to Guadalajara, long bus to Tepic and a cab ride to the Hotelito Yucatan. When the taxi arrived, I was afraid to get out of the car. Lets just say … what happens in Tepic … Stays in Tepic! Two days of fun in an interesting part of town was enough before heading into the jungle.

Ten days in the village of Tulan … camping in a rain forest, picking fruit from the trees, making great friends and hiking 1mile through the jungle before scaling a rock wall down to the bottom of a waterfall! Thanks Bella for guiding my path down the BIG pebbles.

The people of Tulan host a gathering each year to honor the chakras, it only made sense that Purple Pixie attend the 7th one … who knew a new one would be born. There were all kinds of great workshops, yoga/dance classes AND we were fed the most delicious organic vegetarian meals. There were various traditional tribal ceremonies that took place but the most memorable was the final closing ceremony with the Huichol Shaman. Many lessons were learned by all those who attended this gathering. In short it was beautiful, many great friendships were made and strengthened. FYI, the Mexico magic is still at work … Preston’s cane disappeared but was replaced with an orange picking stick … it has already been modified and is working great!

After the gathering we spent some time in Santa Maria enjoying the numerous taco stands, cold beer and the Lagoona … an absolutely gorgeous lake surrounded by volcano mountains and tropical shoreline. Lizards, Tamarind Trees and a gorgeous view were only a few things discovered that day.

After a couple days it was on to Mexico City to visit our new sista friend Unessa! She took us to her cousins birthday party, reggae dancing downtown and introduced us to more great friends including a Shaman who is willing to teach us a few things. Her mom is a chef and pro athlete so needless to say we had the most gourmet meals ever! THANKS AGAIN YOU GIRLS!

Just arrived in Oaxaca today and am loving it! We found a gorgeous little hotel downtown with a cute courtyard and rooftop deck only two blocks from the town square and am loving it, especially the fact that it is less than $35! A few days of rest, relaxation and fun are in order here. Type at ya soon.

Cuicutlan was the next stop on the list. A lovely little town at the base of the mountain we were going up next. A great day was had being lead to the top of the cliffs by two young boys. Hiking, discovering funky rocks, crystals and the boys gifted Preston with a piece of ancient Mayan pottery they found. The next day we met Torro who helped us out a great deal and showed us around on his motor taxi. Rivers, hillsides, all around the town and thanks to the fact he wanted to practice his English, he didn’t even charge us anything. On to Huautla de Jimenez.

Wow! You know your at the top when the only view is other mountain tops. Have you ever sat in a cloud before? It gets a little moist after a while. This is the place where we had a pleasant visit with Mama Julia, one of the 13 grandmothers. She is a lovely woman and a very strong healer. Unfortunately we did not have the time to stay for a ceremony with her but the 13 grandmothers now each have a pair of Pixie Pretties. wahoo!

We heard Teotitlan had ruins, so that was the next stop on the list. However, upon arrival, we discovered otherwise. One night rest and on to Oaxaca, then on to find the obwela in the bush.

Wow!! The Obwela lives in a magical land somewhere between Oaxaca and Patchutla. After spending the entire day hiking through unfamiliar territory, crossing rivers and wading through creeks we made it to our destination. Although it was not until our return the next day that we found the Obwela. She said that Preston reminded her of Terrance McKenna. We look forward to visiting her again some day.

We are staying in a small cabin on the side of a mountain top. Our only view is of other mountain tops as far as the eye can see. The time here has been so peaceful we extended our 3 days into a full week. Esspresso every 100 feet … traditional & gourmet restaurants … internet access … fruit stands everywhere …. fresh squeezed orange juice …. why would anyone want to leave???

However, the adventure continues!! Heading to the coast … will travel north to Mazatlan … hop on a board to enjoy a 14 hour cruise down the sea of cortez. Back to the Baja for us!!!  Chat at ya soon!!


from The Pondera to El Pescadero

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PPpppfffft …  Policeman, Pysanka & Perogy on route to the Prairies … Pixie Passed uP all three! The route to the prairies just did not include the partaking of the biggest P things in the world. Perhaps next time!

Instead Pixie Peruses from The Pondera to the Prairies to Pick uP Preston on her Path to El Pescadero, Mexico!!!



Planetary Perusal Party #2 ~ Pixie Goz 2 C the Purple Skool

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This little pixie heard a rumor that there is a purple school in the NWT and since we are in the vicinity we are off to see it! Hay River here we come.

After leaving Whitehorse, Amy Ambulance and I decided to overnight at the Liard hotsprings.  Wow!  it is a beautiful little place with well maintained boardwalks all around, a campground and a play space for the kids.  The wildlife has become quite accustomed to people so is not afraid to come say hello like the black bear greeting me in the morning.  Sadly my camera batteries were dead so was unable to capture any photos.

Petrol stations are few and far between in the north so you have to take the opportunity when it presents itself.  Ft Liard was the only stop along the way to the NWT but was closed when we got there. It was time to park for the night and wait. Just as I was getting out of the van to investigate the surroundings a small group of young people passed by.  After talking a while they offered to be my personal tour guides of Ft Liard.  Cowboy Corner, downtown and uptown were all part of the perusal including a few private places but what happens in Liard STAYS in Liard … Thanks to my new found Liard Peeps!

In the morning it was on to the Breathtaking Blackstone Bush!! Another magical place in the Boreal Forest. It has been a very long time since my last visit, but this is where Pixie’s Nahanni Granny and Faerie Godmother live. It is an enchanted place along the Liard River with gorgeous gardens, cute cabins and big buffalo that just cant seem to keep himself out of the vegetables.

Steve and his puppies gave this little pixie her very own boat tour along the river. It was the day I discovered how luxurious the mud is that sits along these shores. After doing a complete mud wash, the beneficial properties of this mud were obvious. Perhaps Pixie will start using it in her perspiration pod.

Love and gratitude to all beings that reside in these woods. Faerie Godmother has been out here for as long as I can remember. Her first home was this lovely little cabin but has since built this big beauty with all kinds of rooms.

After 4 glorious days with Faerie Godmother it was time to continue on to the PURPLE school. The Trout River was a very familiar place … my parents must have taken me somewhere similar when I was just a wee pixie. I remember having a cookout by the river and hanging out in the trees. Although the trees from my memory are birch.

The first thing I wanted to do upon arriving in Hay River was to find the school but it was under construction.  It was torn apart in may places and getting inside was impossible.  Turns out that Diamond Jenness Secondary School was in National Geographic magazine in the early 70s for being the only purple school in North America. When it was built, there were no square corners, over 90 different pastel colors and was decorated with a multitude of murals. Things have changed over the years and the inside has become more institutionalized but the outside is getting a face lift and the color remains PURPLE!

It was not easy saying goodbye to the North but I am happy to have gone back after so long. Now that the purple school is out of the way … On to see the worlds largest Pysanka & Perogy on route to the Prairies!