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    “Plight of the Purple Pixie” ~ Book Series

    30th April 2012 | 0 Comments

    You can follow my Pixie adventures through the short story books.  However, these are not just story books but, a collaborative art project!!  The illustrations have all been started but it is up to the reader to finish them.  I believe people feel more connected to the story if they play a part bringing it to life.

    But wait! There is more … everything is alive and if you look closely will see faces everywhere, hidden masks galore, a plethora of pollution to spy and a canvas just waiting for your creation … an art adventure just waiting to be had!

    Pixie’s Premier book, titled “The Adventures Begins”, was released in April 2010. “Pixie Moves to the City” is the second book in the series and is in its final editing stages!

    Other titles in the series include … Pixie Lives in the Country ~ Pixie Tries to Fly ~ Pixie Joins the Army ~ Pixie Goes on the Road ~ Pixie discovers death then life.

    PS … Pixie’s can not lie! We just have a more interesting way of telling the story.

    Powerful Psychedelic Pupil Protection Plates

    27th April 2012 | 0 Comments

    Sunglasses is just far too boring a name for something so amazing! Anyone who has tried them on sees the world with a technicolor view. A Pixie’s Perspective!

    Having so many people ask to try them on is what gave me the idea to start taking pictures of people posing in them. As the number of photos was nearing 500 someone suggested that I get 5 thousand and make a mosaic of the plates. So I started touring Western Canada in 2010 taking pictures of people wherever I went.

    At this point in time I need about 1000 more to make the full size wall poster.

    Powerful Psychedelic Plates of PHANTASMAGORIUM!

    26th April 2012 | 0 Comments

    Purple Pixie’s Premier Planetary Project is to Photograph 1 million Pictures of People Posing in the Powerful Psychedelic Plates of PHANTASMAGORIUM!!!  Pixie will be Perusing the Planet in her Peacefu Playful Percussion Painting Poetry Puddle Party Parlor for the People! (aka Amy the Ambulance) Please Pause and Ponder Partaking in Pannait’s Poster Project by Proposing to a Plethora of your Pals about Putting on a Private Personal Posing Party with “The Purple Pixie”.  She has Promptly be PickED up a Passport so Please People … Pass along this Plea.

    In other words … put on a pot luck party with your pals … Pixie will entertain & photograph everyone … and if you could pass along the idea to other pals that would do the same thing … THANKS!!!

    Pixie has Properly Prepared to Present a Plethora of Party Packages! So Please Ponder the Possibilities.

    The Plates of Phantasmagorium are the creation of Simon Robinson … they will be available for purchase on the …     Pixie Paraphernalia Page … COMING SOON!!!