The Purple Pixie

11th August 2016 | 0 Comments

FYI … there are a plethora of purple pixie’s populating this planet and but I am ….. THE PURPLE PIXIE!

It all started in 2009 at a music festival when a mask caught my attention. Before that it was Purple Girl, Purple Lady and things like Purps but when the mask went on it became Purple Pixie. And for the first time ever … I felt like myself! For a full version of the story check out the book series “Plight of the Purple Pixie” These are more than just stories. They are also coloring books with hidden treasures, games and imaginarium for all ages!! AND THEY ARE ALL TRUE!

The Adventure Begins” is all about the day I made art with ALL THE GARBAGE that was seen in the forest.  This brought on a plethora of problems. First the Ogre then a girl with a camera and somehow through it all, I got lost from a magic place into the people realm of ego, identity and MONEY.

Pixie Moves to the City” tells the story of how the Powerful Psychedelic Pupil Protection Plates came to be and how the People Poster Photo Project Proceeded. It also introduces a plethora of magic folk right here in the people realm.

Pixie Lives in the Country … Goes on the Road … Tries to Fly … Joins the Army and Discovers Death & Life are just a few more books in the upcoming series. The adventure never ends! Have phun collecting the books!

People keep asking me what my REAL name is (whatever that means) and the only response is Pannait! That is my proper Pixie name but people don’t remember that so it’s Purple Pixie. The universe decided to make it THE when this domain was available. Since then I have been called things like Pix … Purps … PP (not to be confused with the PoPo) … double P … P squared and the list goes on. If you got a new one please post it in the comment section … THANKS!!

IF YOU CAN PROMISE TO … Partake in the Protest of the Planet’s Pollution by Preaching to Pick up and Put ALL the garbage in the Proper Place or Package.

You can have your own Pixie name too! Just send me a message with your name and favorite color.

For a current Adventure Report check out the ””WEBLOG”” !

Pixies Peculiar Pics

6th July 2013 | 0 Comments

This is an album of peculiar photos. All photos are taken straight from my simple digital camera to the site the only adjustment made to the picture was its size.

Crooked Trees, Clouships, Fire Faery, Orbs and much much more take a look for yourself!