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Lazy pixie?

12th August 2016 | 0 Comments

Maybe just a little, life in the city can get pretty hectic, my apologies for the lack of posts over the last while. I will try to update more and develop a better Archive of what’s been going on.

The Purple Pixie

11th August 2016 | 0 Comments

FYI … there are a plethora of purple pixie’s populating this planet and but I am ….. THE PURPLE PIXIE!

It all started in 2009 at a music festival when a mask caught my attention. Before that it was Purple Girl, Purple Lady and things like Purps but when the mask went on it became Purple Pixie. And for the first time ever … I felt like myself! For a full version of the story check out the book series “Plight of the Purple Pixie” These are more than just stories. They are also coloring books with hidden treasures, games and imaginarium for all ages!! AND THEY ARE ALL TRUE!

The Adventure Begins” is all about the day I made art with ALL THE GARBAGE that was seen in the forest.  This brought on a plethora of problems. First the Ogre then a girl with a camera and somehow through it all, I got lost from a magic place into the people realm of ego, identity and MONEY.

Pixie Moves to the City” tells the story of how the Powerful Psychedelic Pupil Protection Plates came to be and how the People Poster Photo Project Proceeded. It also introduces a plethora of magic folk right here in the people realm.

Pixie Lives in the Country … Goes on the Road … Tries to Fly … Joins the Army and Discovers Death & Life are just a few more books in the upcoming series. The adventure never ends! Have phun collecting the books!

People keep asking me what my REAL name is (whatever that means) and the only response is Pannait! That is my proper Pixie name but people don’t remember that so it’s Purple Pixie. The universe decided to make it THE when this domain was available. Since then I have been called things like Pix … Purps … PP (not to be confused with the PoPo) … double P … P squared and the list goes on. If you got a new one please post it in the comment section … THANKS!!

IF YOU CAN PROMISE TO … Partake in the Protest of the Planet’s Pollution by Preaching to Pick up and Put ALL the garbage in the Proper Place or Package.

You can have your own Pixie name too! Just send me a message with your name and favorite color.

For a current Adventure Report check out the ””WEBLOG”” !

Why do they still make candy cigarettes???

6th July 2015 | 0 Comments

Someone told me today that E cigarettes have been banned and are now illegal. Apparently whoever passed this legislation used the argument that E cigs were bad for children and so therefore it has been outlawed all together.???

If that is the case, why aren’t all cigarettes illegal. Including CANDY cigarettes because lets be honest … they have to start somewhere.

Furthermore, if we use this argument of defense perhaps all things harmful to children should be made illegal. It started with flavored booze. Now E cigarettes! What about ALL cigarettes … or perhaps driving!! Then everyone can use public transit.Lets not forget SEX … we don’t want are kids having sex but its on all the TV shows and legislation is adding the sex education to elementary schools … one more the curiosity starts somewhere. Maybe all people should start covering up and not showing anything? If legislation keeps down this path it may not be too long.

Please I your comments and any information you can provide on this topic.

Purple Pixie Profusely Prohibits “F” Book!!!!

3rd July 2015 | 0 Comments

Hmmmm …. When is it that the government likes to step in and take you down? A couple years ago a friend of mine was told to prove his identity in order to continue using a commonly known web based program that is known  worldwide. Since his suedname was only one letter off, it wasn’t much of a task to switch back. Now the “F” Book wants me to prove who I am.

The Purple Pixie is simply a being of the earth existing in this time to observe what happens next and to adapt to that which may come her way.

How does one such as myself prove that? Got any ideas as to why they picked on me? Could it have been the posts I was sharing? Or the comments I was making?



When did freedom of speech die??

2nd July 2015 | 0 Comments

Right about the time they changed the laws!! At least that is what I have been told.  I was also informed that if your opinion is in opposition to that of the current government you could be considered a terrorist??

Another person told me that certain legislation has changed in such a way that vitamins are illegal and if they wanted to crack down on that, they could start doing home invasions without search warrants.

But then again it’s only what I have been told by other people who have read these long winded pieces of paper and who understand them.

What do you think is going on?? Please share!

2015 ….. So it begins!

3rd January 2015 | 0 Comments

update! … so I have this new computer and am not that tech savvy anymore ….  still haven’t figured out how to make video and pics smaller so i can upload to this website so those will be coming soon but for noe you can see things on facebook

January … The Queen Charlotte’s ball at Old Fort York was a grand time! As per tradition, they served an authentic 1812 gourmet meal complete with homemade sausages, curry chicken from the orient, wild rice, lobster cakes and the list goes on. The dessert was more like art than food but that poor little hedgehog sure tasted good. AND THEY SERVED CREAM CAKES! Ever since seeing the move “A Knights Tale” I wondered what they were and what they tasted like. The mystery is finally put to rest MMmmmm. (pic coming soon)

When dinner was over, the minstrels took to their posts and the dancing began. English country is very much like the soul train only its to a violin, guitar, piano and has more of a polka beat. I always wondered how couples connected on the dance floor in those times since everything seemed so public and open. Then I had the honor of dancing the waltz with an accomplished female partner ……. Now I have never in my life considered batting for the other team but ….. if she kept looking at me like that! ….. I may have fallen under her spell!! During one of the breaks the York Regency Dancers graced us with a performance of the Bumpkin. It is a dance where once person wheres a bright red hat and traditionally the hat is passed around during the dance from person to person and whoever is wearing the hat at the end is the bumpkin.

When the night was over it was time to return to the present. We put on our street clothes and made the 1 hour F150 carriage ride back to the suburban jungle and called it a night. Future trips to the past will commence when the snow is gone. For now there is …..


February ….. The completion of Purple Pixie’s Party Plethorium! So far the spa and parlor are complete and operational but now its time to add the workshop space. (pics coming soon) By the end of February there will be a space complete with a plethora of craft supplies with many weekend workshops to come. Please stay tuned for the update and hopefully more pics very soon.

Comicon 2014!

7th April 2014 | 0 Comments

What a great time was had by so many folks. There were costumes, games, art, music, joisting and so much more! Rick from walking dead showed me how to use his handgun friday night. Saturday morning ‘V’s mind was blown when I asked him to pose for Project Phantasmagorium while Princess Peach had a few poses of her own going on in the back of the hall.

The kid from Goonies was there flogging his new movies but it was too expensive for this lil pixie to meet someone like that. However I got to meet Ajay Fry from Inner Space and he was kind enough to pose in the Plates it wasn’t until watching the show on monday that I found out his autograph was free. The biggest celebrity I got to meet however had to be Kermit the Frog …. I totally love kermit we are very similar …. its not easy being purple either!

Just to keep you up to date …. my computer crashed the day after comicon and was just returned yesterday ….. pics from comicon are coming soon


Natasha Merasty ~ 8 years old

31st August 2013 | 2 Comments

17. Wireless Rechargeable Batteries

6th August 2013 | 0 Comments

This is technological proof of how quantum therapy works! Unit A is plugged into the grid … Unit B hangs out nearby no contact is being made between A & B … B moves away with a fully charged battery.

I heard a saying once that it takes a genius to take something difficult and make it simple … while a complete idiot takes something simple and makes it difficult … Not sure who said that.

Energy healing has been around since Mothers were giving birth. It is the scientists that are putting that energy into little boxes. The Bio Feedback Machine is another technological example of energy healing. This machine basically takes a reading of a person using their DNA or by strapping on the head, waist and ankle belts. Once the machine has established the regular operating system of the person it begins to scan again for areas that are not operating up the regular standard. Lets say the machine gives a person an operating number of 12 if it finds an area of the body that is not up to that standard it will then send energy to that area until it is back up to the number 12. I have witnessed this machine do an energy sweep on a person’s heart that was not working up to standard …. the machine scanned the heart and gave a graphic presentation showing blockages that were starting to build along arterial walls after doing 3-4 energy sweeps to that area the blockages were gone and the heart was back up to 12.

You do not need the machine to do what the human mind is already capable of ….. it just makes a pretty picture to show you what is going on …. scary part is … once you are logged into the machine it can lock on to you anywhere even outer space. It was originally designed by NASA more than 50 years ago and has only been released to the public in the last ten its old technology.


9th July 2013 | 0 Comments

We went to Astral harvest, made a special friend,
The Purpel Pixie, we love her till time will end,
In this journey, so many things can take a toll,

She takes the downtrodden, makes them feel whole,

Not many on this journey, have such a caring heart,
Or share their spirit, with the world we’re a part,
She shares love in purple, with everone she sees,
From sandess or despair, their spirit she frees,

Her laughter is infectious, she sings like a bird,
Sweet melodies of joy, unlike any I have ever heard,
Our paths crossed only briefly, then we had to say,
Farewell for now my friend, until comes another day,

Since we met there not been, a day without thought,
Of this amazing soul, this new friend we both got,
Whose love shining, bring forth everyones best,
Shes the morning sunrise, the sunset in the west,

I hope to see her sooner, not wait another year,
It’s hard to be apart, from friends you love dear,
Until at last we meet again, one thing that I know,
Pixie is busy, helping the light of love to grow.

She got out of the rat race, gave everything away,
To spread purple pixie dust, to all along the way,
Showing love is easy, if you listen to your heart,
Sending out the love, to good friends miles apart,

My inspirations come, to me in many beautiful ways,
Just as the love Pixie sprads, brightens many days,
By simply letting her light shine, in love sharing,
Part of this world, for other souls always caring,

I write this one for you, in love for you sending,
A part of me to travel, on this journey unending,
When my time comes to ascend, on the other side,
I know a Purpel Pixie is waiting, arms open wide.