Why do they still make candy cigarettes???

Someone told me today that E cigarettes have been banned and are now illegal. Apparently whoever passed this legislation used the argument that E cigs were bad for children and so therefore it has been outlawed all together.???

If that is the case, why aren’t all cigarettes illegal. Including CANDY cigarettes because lets be honest … they have to start somewhere.

Furthermore, if we use this argument of defense perhaps all things harmful to children should be made illegal. It started with flavored booze. Now E cigarettes! What about ALL cigarettes … or perhaps driving!! Then everyone can use public transit.Lets not forget SEX … we don’t want are kids having sex but its on all the TV shows and legislation is adding the sex education to elementary schools … one more the curiosity starts somewhere. Maybe all people should start covering up and not showing anything? If legislation keeps down this path it may not be too long.

Please I your comments and any information you can provide on this topic.

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