2015 ….. So it begins!

update! … so I have this new computer and am not that tech savvy anymore ….  still haven’t figured out how to make video and pics smaller so i can upload to this website so those will be coming soon but for noe you can see things on facebook

January … The Queen Charlotte’s ball at Old Fort York was a grand time! As per tradition, they served an authentic 1812 gourmet meal complete with homemade sausages, curry chicken from the orient, wild rice, lobster cakes and the list goes on. The dessert was more like art than food but that poor little hedgehog sure tasted good. AND THEY SERVED CREAM CAKES! Ever since seeing the move “A Knights Tale” I wondered what they were and what they tasted like. The mystery is finally put to rest MMmmmm. (pic coming soon)

When dinner was over, the minstrels took to their posts and the dancing began. English country is very much like the soul train only its to a violin, guitar, piano and has more of a polka beat. I always wondered how couples connected on the dance floor in those times since everything seemed so public and open. Then I had the honor of dancing the waltz with an accomplished female partner ……. Now I have never in my life considered batting for the other team but ….. if she kept looking at me like that! ….. I may have fallen under her spell!! During one of the breaks the York Regency Dancers graced us with a performance of the Bumpkin. It is a dance where once person wheres a bright red hat and traditionally the hat is passed around during the dance from person to person and whoever is wearing the hat at the end is the bumpkin.

When the night was over it was time to return to the present. We put on our street clothes and made the 1 hour F150 carriage ride back to the suburban jungle and called it a night. Future trips to the past will commence when the snow is gone. For now there is …..


February ….. The completion of Purple Pixie’s Party Plethorium! So far the spa and parlor are complete and operational but now its time to add the workshop space. (pics coming soon) By the end of February there will be a space complete with a plethora of craft supplies with many weekend workshops to come. Please stay tuned for the update and hopefully more pics very soon.

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