17. Wireless Rechargeable Batteries

This is technological proof of how quantum therapy works! Unit A is plugged into the grid … Unit B hangs out nearby no contact is being made between A & B … B moves away with a fully charged battery.

I heard a saying once that it takes a genius to take something difficult and make it simple … while a complete idiot takes something simple and makes it difficult … Not sure who said that.

Energy healing has been around since Mothers were giving birth. It is the scientists that are putting that energy into little boxes. The Bio Feedback Machine is another technological example of energy healing. This machine basically takes a reading of a person using their DNA or by strapping on the head, waist and ankle belts. Once the machine has established the regular operating system of the person it begins to scan again for areas that are not operating up the regular standard. Lets say the machine gives a person an operating number of 12 if it finds an area of the body that is not up to that standard it will then send energy to that area until it is back up to the number 12. I have witnessed this machine do an energy sweep on a person’s heart that was not working up to standard …. the machine scanned the heart and gave a graphic presentation showing blockages that were starting to build along arterial walls after doing 3-4 energy sweeps to that area the blockages were gone and the heart was back up to 12.

You do not need the machine to do what the human mind is already capable of ….. it just makes a pretty picture to show you what is going on …. scary part is … once you are logged into the machine it can lock on to you anywhere even outer space. It was originally designed by NASA more than 50 years ago and has only been released to the public in the last ten its old technology.

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