We went to Astral harvest, made a special friend,
The Purpel Pixie, we love her till time will end,
In this journey, so many things can take a toll,

She takes the downtrodden, makes them feel whole,

Not many on this journey, have such a caring heart,
Or share their spirit, with the world we’re a part,
She shares love in purple, with everone she sees,
From sandess or despair, their spirit she frees,

Her laughter is infectious, she sings like a bird,
Sweet melodies of joy, unlike any I have ever heard,
Our paths crossed only briefly, then we had to say,
Farewell for now my friend, until comes another day,

Since we met there not been, a day without thought,
Of this amazing soul, this new friend we both got,
Whose love shining, bring forth everyones best,
Shes the morning sunrise, the sunset in the west,

I hope to see her sooner, not wait another year,
It’s hard to be apart, from friends you love dear,
Until at last we meet again, one thing that I know,
Pixie is busy, helping the light of love to grow.

She got out of the rat race, gave everything away,
To spread purple pixie dust, to all along the way,
Showing love is easy, if you listen to your heart,
Sending out the love, to good friends miles apart,

My inspirations come, to me in many beautiful ways,
Just as the love Pixie sprads, brightens many days,
By simply letting her light shine, in love sharing,
Part of this world, for other souls always caring,

I write this one for you, in love for you sending,
A part of me to travel, on this journey unending,
When my time comes to ascend, on the other side,
I know a Purpel Pixie is waiting, arms open wide.

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