Mind Blowing Moments of 2012

Hi folks!  ok I can go on and on about the festivals I have been to and what they were like but … I feel it is more important to share my personal experiences ….. the ones that blew my  mind! For example …

At shambhala there was a fellow sitting by the flaming dragon taking a trip somewhere in his own world. Standing back in the darkness I decided to watch this young man. It was not long before he felt my gaze and stepped out of his world and back into this one … his eyes locked on mine through the darkness AND through my kaleidoscope lenses. To acknowledge the connection I nodded. To this he smiled, thanked me and started eating his food that was placed nearby before closing his eyes and returning to his world. I continued to watch and this happened again about 3 more times. Every time he came out of his world and into this one he would look for me and literally lock eyes every time. He was sitting on the other side of the flame in the light and I was on the outside ring of people in the dark. The physics of this doesn’t make sense …. however with quantum physics this is child’s play.

At Mad Hatter while I was walking down a path a man came up to me and asked “Where’s the Front Desk?”. I passed it off thinking he might have had too much to drink. Later I saw the same man sitting with his eyes closed listening to music. Since I like to watch from a distance the back area far behind the sound booth in the dark was the perfect place to watch from. It was not long before this fellow got up and walked right up to me in the dark and said “Where’s the front desk?!”. That is when I realized that this person had chosen me to communicate with and I had to figure out what it was he needed. It wasn’t hard … he was simply looking for the way out cause he was tired and wanted to go home. Turned out he was a neighbor from 7 miles down the road who wanted to have a look at what was going on. Instead of leaving he decided to get some rest in the petite teepee so that he could stay and have some more PHUN.  Twice along the way, young men walked up to him and asked questions pertaining to tribal knowledge … this random stranger started passing on wisdom and doing prayers and continued to do the same thing after he woke up rested. Not sure what to make of it all but it all worked out.

there are more mind blowing moments I can share and they will come … in time!  🙂

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