Summer Tour 2012

What a whirlwind of a summer so far and its only mid July!

First Festival of the season was Bushwacked in Beaverdell, BC. All I can say is lip balm … don’t forget it! On a hillside over looking a river and meadow where music can be heard day and night from stages that look like waterfalls … beaverdams … and villages for lil cute furries!

Kootenany near Creston, BC was a wonderful reunion of people set to an awesome soundtrack! This is where I was introduced to Deli to Dublin and Long Walk Short Dock for the first time ever. I will definitely be returning to Kootenany! The indoor fireworks were the most memorable!

Some time was spent at the Earth Farm near Grindrod, BC. A wonderful place to reconnect with nature and take care of ones self.

Entheos near Boston Bar, BC was next on the list. Small world moment … Robyn and Adernady from the gathering in Tulan, Mexico were the first familiar faces I saw. Certain events caused the festival to end 1 day early and most folks had to leave. Bonding time and togetherness were experienced by those that remained. It was in interesting display of humanity and how people can come together in times of fear and confusion.

Loki in Kaslo, BC was a mud show! It rained … and rained … and then it rained some more! Trudging in knee deep mud was an interesting experience. Long Walk Short Dock played which made it all worth while! Getting pulled out of the field by the front end loader was a fun ride too!

Astral Harvest near Driftpile, AB was the last one before a two week break. After two months of solid rain in BC it was nice to be in a province having a heat wave. The wedding of Angel and Zog was absolutely EPIC … the fur tuxedo, the 8 chained teiki barring warriors, fireworks, gorgeous goddesses and LOVE.  Thank you for a wedding moment I will NEVER forget! OH yea and Deli to Dublin and the walk dock guy were there!!

This is where the first part of the tour comes to an end. After leaving Astral Harvest Amy the Ambulance and I were in an accident … other than a few bumps and bruises I am fine however Amy is not … she was my home, my transportation and is sorely missed.

This lil pixie is currently staying at her medicine mama’s house getting better. When I am feeling 100% I will inform ya’ll of the next step!

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