Mexico Tour ~ Baja Peninsula 1 month Mainland 2!


Gabriel picked us up at the airport in San Jose and took us to the Baja Brewery for dinner. Walking into the place we heard “Purple Pixie is that you?”. There was a local man standing just outside that I met during the summer tour through western Canada … never thought I would hear those words in Mexico! By the time dinner was over it was too late to drive to El Pescadero so we stayed in Cabo San Lucas with Gabriel. The next day he took us to Pescadero, showed us around and got us settled in. Before leaving he took us to the next town over which housed the “Hotel California”. Thanks for everything Gabriel!!!

Once we settled into Pescy, it was time to look around. The Sandbar was not too far away and seemed like a good place to start … Thank you Helen for breaking us into Mexico!! We found our favorite Baja Bar with the best fries, good peeps and awesome good times!! We have made some great new friends, been doing some jamming, and Mr P Stain and the Purple Pixie even made an appearance on the local stage!!

From there it was on to Cabo Extreme to have some fun with the surf boys! Psychedelic artwork decorated the walls, extreme fishing photos, surf boards, grass huts and a personal collection of nature to blow one Blind Mans Mind!! Mucho Gracias Senior Jimmy for giving us the Tiki Room … watching the whales jumping and playing in the morning sun is a dream come true! The surfing display was a bonus!

After a quick nap it was on to S’Picolli’s Beach Tour! There is no tourist in the world who could pay for the tour this man gave us FREE of charge. The day started off with the swim up bar, pina coladas, great food AND The Big Lebowski! (Ya make your own rules in Mexico!) Pedrito Beach is where it all started … Preston Projected his blind Pole as far as Possible and amazingly enough, found it again. Palm Beach was where we watched the sunset, crawled into a bat cave and realized Preston’s Pole was mising.

The evening was spent retracing our steps but it was nowhere to be found. Instead when we arrived back at Pedrito Beach, there laying on the ground in the moonlight was a P’Alo Diarco Snake stick. With a few modifications it will make a fine cane for the PMan.

A S’Picolli Surprise showed up our last night in Pescy a night time tour through the dessert WOW! We got to see the biggest fig tree ever, meet Einstein the donkey and see inside the biggest tree house ever that has its own banana tree growing in it. Thank you so much S’Picolli, you are a true friend!

On to the mainland to meet up with David! A short bus back to San Jose flight to Guadalajara, long bus to Tepic and a cab ride to the Hotelito Yucatan. When the taxi arrived, I was afraid to get out of the car. Lets just say … what happens in Tepic … Stays in Tepic! Two days of fun in an interesting part of town was enough before heading into the jungle.

Ten days in the village of Tulan … camping in a rain forest, picking fruit from the trees, making great friends and hiking 1mile through the jungle before scaling a rock wall down to the bottom of a waterfall! Thanks Bella for guiding my path down the BIG pebbles.

The people of Tulan host a gathering each year to honor the chakras, it only made sense that Purple Pixie attend the 7th one … who knew a new one would be born. There were all kinds of great workshops, yoga/dance classes AND we were fed the most delicious organic vegetarian meals. There were various traditional tribal ceremonies that took place but the most memorable was the final closing ceremony with the Huichol Shaman. Many lessons were learned by all those who attended this gathering. In short it was beautiful, many great friendships were made and strengthened. FYI, the Mexico magic is still at work … Preston’s cane disappeared but was replaced with an orange picking stick … it has already been modified and is working great!

After the gathering we spent some time in Santa Maria enjoying the numerous taco stands, cold beer and the Lagoona … an absolutely gorgeous lake surrounded by volcano mountains and tropical shoreline. Lizards, Tamarind Trees and a gorgeous view were only a few things discovered that day.

After a couple days it was on to Mexico City to visit our new sista friend Unessa! She took us to her cousins birthday party, reggae dancing downtown and introduced us to more great friends including a Shaman who is willing to teach us a few things. Her mom is a chef and pro athlete so needless to say we had the most gourmet meals ever! THANKS AGAIN YOU GIRLS!

Just arrived in Oaxaca today and am loving it! We found a gorgeous little hotel downtown with a cute courtyard and rooftop deck only two blocks from the town square and am loving it, especially the fact that it is less than $35! A few days of rest, relaxation and fun are in order here. Type at ya soon.

Cuicutlan was the next stop on the list. A lovely little town at the base of the mountain we were going up next. A great day was had being lead to the top of the cliffs by two young boys. Hiking, discovering funky rocks, crystals and the boys gifted Preston with a piece of ancient Mayan pottery they found. The next day we met Torro who helped us out a great deal and showed us around on his motor taxi. Rivers, hillsides, all around the town and thanks to the fact he wanted to practice his English, he didn’t even charge us anything. On to Huautla de Jimenez.

Wow! You know your at the top when the only view is other mountain tops. Have you ever sat in a cloud before? It gets a little moist after a while. This is the place where we had a pleasant visit with Mama Julia, one of the 13 grandmothers. She is a lovely woman and a very strong healer. Unfortunately we did not have the time to stay for a ceremony with her but the 13 grandmothers now each have a pair of Pixie Pretties. wahoo!

We heard Teotitlan had ruins, so that was the next stop on the list. However, upon arrival, we discovered otherwise. One night rest and on to Oaxaca, then on to find the obwela in the bush.

Wow!! The Obwela lives in a magical land somewhere between Oaxaca and Patchutla. After spending the entire day hiking through unfamiliar territory, crossing rivers and wading through creeks we made it to our destination. Although it was not until our return the next day that we found the Obwela. She said that Preston reminded her of Terrance McKenna. We look forward to visiting her again some day.

We are staying in a small cabin on the side of a mountain top. Our only view is of other mountain tops as far as the eye can see. The time here has been so peaceful we extended our 3 days into a full week. Esspresso every 100 feet … traditional & gourmet restaurants … internet access … fruit stands everywhere …. fresh squeezed orange juice …. why would anyone want to leave???

However, the adventure continues!! Heading to the coast … will travel north to Mazatlan … hop on a board to enjoy a 14 hour cruise down the sea of cortez. Back to the Baja for us!!!  Chat at ya soon!!


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