Planetary Perusal Party #2 ~ Pixie Goz 2 C the Purple Skool

This little pixie heard a rumor that there is a purple school in the NWT and since we are in the vicinity we are off to see it! Hay River here we come.

After leaving Whitehorse, Amy Ambulance and I decided to overnight at the Liard hotsprings.  Wow!  it is a beautiful little place with well maintained boardwalks all around, a campground and a play space for the kids.  The wildlife has become quite accustomed to people so is not afraid to come say hello like the black bear greeting me in the morning.  Sadly my camera batteries were dead so was unable to capture any photos.

Petrol stations are few and far between in the north so you have to take the opportunity when it presents itself.  Ft Liard was the only stop along the way to the NWT but was closed when we got there. It was time to park for the night and wait. Just as I was getting out of the van to investigate the surroundings a small group of young people passed by.  After talking a while they offered to be my personal tour guides of Ft Liard.  Cowboy Corner, downtown and uptown were all part of the perusal including a few private places but what happens in Liard STAYS in Liard … Thanks to my new found Liard Peeps!

In the morning it was on to the Breathtaking Blackstone Bush!! Another magical place in the Boreal Forest. It has been a very long time since my last visit, but this is where Pixie’s Nahanni Granny and Faerie Godmother live. It is an enchanted place along the Liard River with gorgeous gardens, cute cabins and big buffalo that just cant seem to keep himself out of the vegetables.

Steve and his puppies gave this little pixie her very own boat tour along the river. It was the day I discovered how luxurious the mud is that sits along these shores. After doing a complete mud wash, the beneficial properties of this mud were obvious. Perhaps Pixie will start using it in her perspiration pod.

Love and gratitude to all beings that reside in these woods. Faerie Godmother has been out here for as long as I can remember. Her first home was this lovely little cabin but has since built this big beauty with all kinds of rooms.

After 4 glorious days with Faerie Godmother it was time to continue on to the PURPLE school. The Trout River was a very familiar place … my parents must have taken me somewhere similar when I was just a wee pixie. I remember having a cookout by the river and hanging out in the trees. Although the trees from my memory are birch.

The first thing I wanted to do upon arriving in Hay River was to find the school but it was under construction.  It was torn apart in may places and getting inside was impossible.  Turns out that Diamond Jenness Secondary School was in National Geographic magazine in the early 70s for being the only purple school in North America. When it was built, there were no square corners, over 90 different pastel colors and was decorated with a multitude of murals. Things have changed over the years and the inside has become more institutionalized but the outside is getting a face lift and the color remains PURPLE!

It was not easy saying goodbye to the North but I am happy to have gone back after so long. Now that the purple school is out of the way … On to see the worlds largest Pysanka & Perogy on route to the Prairies!

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